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Molly Brown's Summer House Museum

A National Landmark in Your Own Backyard

Take a Stroll Through Time

Every Summer, Molly Brown would step out onto her porch and breathe in the beauty before her of the open hills the valley rolling down to Bear Creek. 

While the surrounding cities and countryside have changed greatly since these quiet mornings so long ago, this land still holds a special power over those who take the time to breathe it in.

Molly Brown herself named this special place Avoca Lodge out of reverence to her time spent in Avoca, Ireland, and was as captivated by the land as Thomas Moore was when he wrote about his home in Ireland:

“Sweet Vale of Avoca,.

how calm could I rest

in thy bosom of shade 

with the friends I love best…”


Learn more

why so many guests called this special land home.

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